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Object documentationExternal Subroutine Calls Result List



External subroutine calls are not part of the UCIA result list. To access the External Subroutine Calls Result List, choose Impact due to changes in external subroutine calls

This list consists of the following columns:



Object Name

The custom object that calls the external subroutine.

Form Routine name

Name of the external subroutine


Name of the program that contains the external subroutine


The object does not exist in one of the systems


Number of parameters in the Interface that have changed


Interface parameter(s) in the analysis system that are not found in the reference system


Attributes of the interface parameter(s) have changed


Interface parameters' reference type has changed.


A red or yellow light indicates the severity of the impact.

To view descriptions of the severities, choose Reason.

To view the single cell values for each row in a separate window, choose Details.

You can use the filter options to identify particular objects, for example objects that have a red severity.

There are features for processing the list. You can:

  • Sort the list.

  • Link to an empty Excel

  • Download the list to Excel

  • Download the list as an unconverted file, spreadsheet, rich text format, HTML format

  • Send a mail

  • Change the layout

  • Choose Information to view the number of records passed.