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Function documentationEditing Business Systems


This function displays the systems in the SAP Solution Manager system landscape maintenance. The systems are flagged in the SAP Exchange Infrastructure as "Business Systems". This function also flags business systems as integration servers.

Displaying and creating the business systems, and flagging the integration server, are preparatory steps to be able to define the ID mappings which are required for this Integration Server, later. The integration server RFC destinations are used later, to export ID mapping definitions to the integration servers.


If you have flagged systems as integration servers, you can create type groups for them.


You have defined business systems in the connected SAP Solution Manager system System Landscape Directory (SLD), and copied the data from the SLD into the SAP Solution Manager system landscape.

Note Note

The SAP Solution Manager installation guide contains further information about the System Landscape Directory and setting up the SAP Solution Manager system landscape.

End of the note.

You have created RFC read destinations in the system landscape maintenance, for normal business systems.

You have created an RFC destination for the Customizing Synchronization or for the Solution Manager, in the system landscape maintenance, for integration servers. You have saved the user and password for the RFC destinations you have created, or created Trusted System connections, so that no logon screen appears. This is important because some Customizing ID Mapping Framework system activities, such as exporting ID mappings to the integration server, run in the background. You have also ensured that the saved user and Trusted System connection logon users have authorization for the authorization object S_RFC for the function group SKMP. The SAP Exchange Infrastructure 2.0 configuration guide contains further information about the integration server RFC destinations, under of the navigation path SAP Exchange Infrastructure End of the navigation path .


All business systems in the SAP Solution Manager system landscape are displayed.

You can now:

  • Flag business systems as integration servers

  • Assign RFC destinations for ABAP-based business systems

  • Specify an RFC destination for an integration server or business system, manually, if no RFC destination can be specified in the Solution Manager system landscape, or another RFC destination is to be used

  • Add non-ABAP-based systems manually, because they are not copied automatically from the SLD

    Note Note

    In this way, you can also use non-SAP-systems in the Customizing ID Mapping Framework.

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