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 Specify Systems and Contents for Service Level Report


You specify the systems which you want to analyze.


If you use data from the Central Performance History, you have configured it (transaction: RZ23n).


  1. Select the Select Systems for SL Report check.

  2. Choose the systems whose data is to be analyzed in the report.

  3. Save your entries with Save + Next w/o Check .

  4. Expand the Select Systems for SL Report check.

  5. Select the Report Content for System check.

    The system proposes the scope of analysis of the Service Level Report.

  6. Expand the Report Content for System check.

    You can adjust the values in the following checks to your requirements.

    • System Availability

      1. Enter alert threshold values in the Availability tab.

        Recommendation Recommendation

        You should retain the default threshold values.

        End of the recommendation.
      2. Choose dates and times for which you want to display statistics in your Service Level Report.

      3. Save your entries.

    • System Target KPIs

      1. Enter your KPI target values.

    • Central Performance History

      1. Enter the path for monitoring objects in CCMS.

      2. In the check Output Group Definition , you specify a group name which collects CCMS monitoring object attributes together.

      3. In the check Output Group Assignment, you collect CCMS monitoring object attributes into an output list or a graphic, and assign it to the group name.

        Note Note

        All currently available CCMS monitoring objects are in the possible entries help (SAP note: 872569).

        End of the note.