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Procedure documentationRecord TBOM for Web Application


You can also create TBOMs for executable entities which do not run in the classical SAP GUI. The following types of web applications are supported:

  • BSP application

  • CRM WebClient application

  • SAP CRM people-centric UI application

  • SAP Anwendungs URL (SAP_LONG_URL): With this type, you can, for example, specify the URL of a portal via which an SAP application in an ABAP application server is started.


  • In the type SAP application URL, the URL must start an SAP application in an ABAP application server.

  • The managed systems have at least kernel status 700.

  • The managed systems have at least ST-PI 2008_01 SP03.


  1. Follow the instructions for recording a TBOM. For more information, see Create TBOM.

    Note Note

    If you uae the type SAP application URL: Enter the logical component of the ABAP application server in which the application runs, in the Transactions tab.

    End of the note.
  2. Before the executable entity runs, the system prompts you for a user (action “User prompt” in the following graphic). Specify the user with which the web application accesses the ABAP application server (user 3 in the following graphic). User 3 is specified by the web application. The user 2 which you specify must be the same as user 3, to ensure the recording.

    The default proposed is the user with which the Solution Manager system logged on to the ABAP application server (user 1 in the following graphic).

  3. Choose Start Recording.

  4. Execute the executable entity.

  5. Close the browser window in which you have run the executable entity.

    Note Note

    Only if you first close the browser window and then end the recording, is it guaranteed that all objects in the executable entity are recorded.

    End of the note.
  6. In the Recording for <executable entity type> dialog , choose End Recording.