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You can check data within one SAP system for consistency, that is, you can compare two tables, to detect missing table entries or inconsistent field contents.

There are two ways to perform internal database comparison:

  • By choosing Internal Database Comparison under Data Consistency Management in the Business Process Operations work center.

    You can use the features described below.

  • Using the extraction strategy Execute comparison in one system, in cross-database comparison

    You can use the features of cross-database comparison, for example graphic display of the tables, and define more complex data models. For more information, see Cross-Database Comparison and Data Source "Determine Missing Entries in One System".


  • Define conditions and restrictions for the tables and field contents to be compared

  • Select a use case: Missing entries in a table, or inconsistencies between tables

  • Define fields to be displayed in the result

  • Define a remote connection to the system in which the data to be compared is located

  • Create a variant for your comparison that can be run regularly.