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The External Scheduler Management view of the Job Management work center provides an overview of jobs scheduled with an external scheduler via the SMSE (Solution Manager Scheduling Enabler) interface. It has two subviews, Job Monitor and Operator Messages.


  • You have scheduled jobs with an external scheduler.

  • You have created a connection to an external scheduler as follows:

    1. In the Active Queries area, select the appropriate query.

    2. Choose Show Quick Criteria Maintenance.

    3. Specify the destination and at least one isolation group. You can select multiple isolation groups to get data from several systems.

  • If you want to use filters in your queries, you have defined these in your external scheduler. You can apply, but not change, the filters in SAP Solution Manager.


You can perform the following activities in the External Scheduler Management view:

  • Display an overview of jobs scheduled with an external scheduler

    Use the standard queries or define your own queries for displaying jobs. You can use individual search criteria or apply an external filter in your query.

    Note Note

    You can use the Queue field to indirectly specify which systems to get data from. You can choose queues from several managed systems by using the multiple selection dialog box.

    For example, choose the following queues for the systems ABC and XYZ:



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  • Go to the following applications:

    • Job Analysis

    • Job Scheduling

    • Job Monitor

    • Job Diagram

  • Import a selected job with its scheduling parameters into job documentation

  • Create a job request

  • Create job or job chain documentation

  • Display a list of operator messages from your external scheduler