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Procedure documentationCreating Services Orders as an End User Locate this document in the navigation structure


As an end user, you order a service from the service catalog by creating a service order. After the service order has been processed, you confirm the service order.


Creating a Service Order
  1. In the IT Service Management WebClient UI, log on as end user.

  2. In the navigation, choose the Service Catalog view.

  3. In the Service Catalog screen area, choose a service product.

    Information about the service is displayed under More Details.

  4. Choose Order selected.

    The system creates a service order and opens a guided procedure.

  5. Enter the required information. If a questionnaire is available, answer it to help the processors process your service order.

  6. Confirm the service order creation.

The service order is displayed in the My Service Orders assignment block.

Confirming a Service Order
  1. When the service order has been completed, in the My Service Orders screen area, open the service order.

  2. Make sure that the service you ordered is available, and then confirm the service order.