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Use this component to process internal support messages and, if necessary, to forward them to SAP Support.


Your project employees can create messages in any project phase, example, in the Blueprint and during the test phase, which you can manage centrally in the Service Desk. Internal users or reporters can also create support messages from any SAP system. You process these support messages centrally in the SAP Solution Manager Service Desk


Central Support Message Management
  • Users or customers can create support messages directly from any transaction.

  • When creating a support message, important data is automatically collected about the system from which the support message was created. The system collects the following data:

    • Installation number

    • Installed software components

    • Operating system

    • Transaction

    • Screen number

  • Support messages are automatically assigned to the appropriate support level.

  • Support staff can centrally process support messages in SAP Solution Manager:

    • Display customer data, problem description, priority, attached documents, any Service Level Agreements (SLA)

    • Assign a processor

    • Create notes and messages to the reporter and other processors

    • Forward message to other processor or support units

    • Create documents and URLs

    • Attach documents

    • Assign and monitor status

    • Create a worklist by selection

Find and import SAP Notes
  • Support staff can search for SAP Notes in the SAP Service Marketplace.

  • Support staff can implement SAP Notes using the SAP Notes Assistant:

    • Automatic corrections in ABAP source code

    • Adjust changes to previously imported Support Packages

    • Display all SAP Notes that have been imported into a system by the SAP Notes Assistant

Internal solution database

You can search your internal solution database for problem solutions. The solution database is delivered without symptoms and solutions. You create the internal solution database with the functions Process Symptoms and Solutions (IS01) and Update Solution Database Index (IS02). For more information about creating your own solution database, see   SAP CRM   SAP CRM 5.0  . in the Search field, search for “Customer Service (CS), Solution Database”.

SAP Support interface

The Service Desk is an interface between you and SAP Support. You can forward messages to SAP, and get problem solutions, in the Service Desk.

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