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Set up SAP EarlyWatch Alert for your systems and solutions. You can set up SAP EarlyWatch Alerts per system or solution.

To enable SAP to identify potential problems, you can enable SAP Solution Manager to also analyze and send business process data to SAP. By default, EWA collects only technical data. Business process data may be sensitive, so, by default, it is not collected and sent to SAP automatically.

The following business process data can be collected:

  • Order To Cash

    • Sales Orders: Orders (GI in the past, but not delivered)

    • Outbound Deliveries: Deliveries with overdue invoices

  • Procure To Pay

    • Purchase Orders: Overdue Purchase Order items

  • Plan To Produce

    • Planned Orders: Open Planned Orders

    • Confirmation Errors: Failed goods movement

  • Finance

    • Invoices: Overdue customer payments


You have put systems in a solution.


  1. In the System Monitoring work center, choose the Setup scenario

  2. Under EarlyWatch Alert and Services Configuration, choose the link to define the scope of your permission, for example Configuration for a Single Solution.

    You go to the EarlyWatch Alert and Services Configuration.

  3. Select fields according to your requirements.

  4. Optional: To send business process data to SAP, do the following:

    1. Choose the Details pushbutton.

      A dialog box appears.

    2. Select the Send Business Process-Related Data to SAP checkbox.

    3. Only if required: In the Run Analysis Every … Months field, change the default value.

      Note Note

      Data collection is system resource-intensive.

      End of the note.
    4. To confirm, choose OK.

  5. Save your settings.