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You can use Interactive Reporting to centrally display the development of the most important monitoring data over time, to identify potential problems early, and to obtain an overview of the load, usage, availability, and performance of your databases, among other things.

The reports contain various periods, from the current day to the previous year, so you can see both the current, and the long-term development of the performance values. The values for each period are automatically displayed in the appropriate level of detail (see Using Interactive Reporting).

The available reports for databases are divided into the following four topic areas:

  • Availability

    These reports contain information about the availability of the selected database.

  • Performance

    These reports contain information about the performance of the write and read accesses to the selected database.

  • Capacity

    These reports contain information about the usage of the available capacity of the selected database. These reports therefore give you information about the capacity that is still free, for example, in the usage of different memory, or of the available CPUs.

  • Usage

    These reports contain information about the usage of the selected database, such as the number of accesses and the changed data records.


The following reports are available to you for databases:

Topic of the Report

More Information

  Overview   Database Availability  

  Overview   Deadlocks  

  Overview   Database Storage  

  Overview   Log Area  

Interactive Reports for Databases - Overview

  Availability   Database Availability  

Interactive Reports for Databases - Availability

  Performance   Database of the ABAP System  

  Performance   Database of the Java System  

Interactive Reports for Databases - Performance

  Errors   Deadlocks  

Interactive Reports for Databases - Exceptions

  Capacity   Database  

  Capacity   Log Area  

  Capacity   CPU  

  Capacity   File System  

  Capacity   Main Memory  

  Capacity   Paging Rate  

Interactive Reports for Databases - Capacity

  Usage   Database  

Interactive Reports for Databases - Usage


Interactive Reporting is part of the Technical Monitoring work center in the Solution Manager.