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If the version management data tables VRSX and VRSX2 take up too much space on the database, SAP recommends that you start archiving versions.

Archived versions are displayed in the versions overview, and are marked with an X in the column Arch.

If you choose the options Display or Compare for an archived version the SAP System restores the selected versions from the archive to the database, and then displays them.

You can also restore the complete archive files to the version database.


Archived versions can only be restored to the SAP System from which they were archived.


To archive versions, or restore complete archive files from the database, proceed as follows:

  1. In the SAP Easy Access menu, choose SAP Menu Administration System Administration Administration Data Archiving.
  2. Enter the archiving object VERSIONS .


You can choose from several functions for editing archives. You can also read documentation on these functions.