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This part of SAP Library gives you an overview of the changes and new features in SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP08 since SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP05.

This information is provided as release notes, which are structured by Application Lifecycle Management (ALM) processes. The following table gives an overview of the functions in the Change Control Management process.

Change Request Management


Type of change


More Information

Distribute urgent changes


If an urgent change you have made in a production system is also relevant for other, parallel production systems or for other productive clients in your project, you can distribute it to them using the new “Distribute urgent change” action. The system creates a new urgent change containing the data of the original urgent change, and transports the corrections to the specified system.

Distributing Urgent Changes

Create new task lists for urgent changes


You can create a task list for an urgent change directly from the scheduling tool. You can use this task list only for processing in the background, as it has a connection to neither a change document in the WebClient UI, nor a project cycle.

Scheduling Tool

Customizing activity Make Settings for Change Transaction Types


The terminology and views in the Customizing activity Make Settings for Change Transaction Types were changed to make configuration more user-friendly.

Customizing for SAP Solution Manager, under   Capabilities   Change Control Management   Change Request Management Framework   Make Settings for Change Transaction Types