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Technical Operations provides all capabilities for central monitoring, alerting, analysis, and administration of SAP solutions. It helps customers to reduce TCO by predefined content and centralized management tools for all aspects of operations in SAP Solution Manager. Customers can generate reports across solutions for detailed analysis.

Technical Operations component consists of the following capabilities:

  • Technical Monitoring and Alerting

    You can monitor the status of complex landscapes and manage alerts using the End-to-End Monitoring and Alerting infrastructure.

  • System Monitoring

    You can monitor all systems in a solution in real-time, based on the Computer Center Management System (CCMS).

  • Data Volume Management

    You can monitor the data volume in your system landscape and reduce total operating costs by decreasing the size of the databases and the monthly increase in data.

  • Technical Administration

    You can perform efficient planning, implementation, execution, and reporting of the day-to-day operational activities.

  • Root Cause Analysis

    You can analyze the root cause of an incident and provide solutions for distributed and multi-technology solutions using a top-down approach.

  • Technical Reporting

    You can run reports about system availability, Service Desk messages or Change Request Management across solutions. You can also configure and display reports about SAP Solution Manager system data in the Business Warehouse.