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You routinely complete open system tasks in the CSA session.


You have completed the initial setup of Central System Administration. For more information, see Central System Administration Setup.


  1. In SAP Solution Manager, choose the Technical Administration work center.

  2. In the navigation area, choose Task Inbox.

  3. Choose By Application, and then choose Start Embedded or Start New Window.

  4. Choose one of the following:

    • Your own query

    • Recurring, preconfigured Tasks (CSA)

    • CSA Tasks in favorite systems

    The open task list is displayed.

  5. Choose your preferred view:

    • Standard View

      Tasks can be independently sorted by solution, system, or task name.

    • Solution Hierarchy

      Tasks are grouped by solution.

    • System Hierarchy

      Tasks are grouped by system.

    • Task Name Hierarchy

      Tasks are grouped by task name.

    All open tasks that match your selection criteria are listed in order of priority.

  6. Select the task you want to work with, and choose Process Task.

    The Central System Administration session opens and takes you directly to the selected task.

  7. You can process the task as follows:

    • Execute the assigned transaction remotely in the managed system via the Start <function> pushbutton, and do your analyses and task-specific work.

    • After leaving the managed system, write a short comment in the Comment for Logbook field.

    • If necessary, use the Task Notepad tab to make more detailed notes about the task.

    • If you have to inform or request assistance from another person, you can start a workflow by entering a processor in the Processor field. The processor automatically receives an e-mail notification about the task.

    • When you have performed all activities of the task, mark the task as Done.

  8. Save your entries.

    In the navigation area, the task is marked green.

  9. Exit the CSA session.

  10. To update your Task Inbox, choose Refresh.

    The completed task is removed from the open task list.