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Procedure documentation Create a Task to Delete Old Session and Log Data  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


This task will delete old session data and internal Service Data Control Center logs. When old session data is deleted, the associated tasks are also deleted.

The dialog box displays the default task-specific settings. To create a new task, schedule a time for the task.



To create a task to delete old session and log data:


       1.      Choose Task Create.

       2.      Choose Delete old session and log data and Continue.

       3.      Schedule a time for the task or select Now.

Set defaultssets the time scheduled for the task to two minutes ahead, and re-reads the default task-specific settings.

       4.      You can run the task periodically or once only.

By default, the task runs periodically. To run the task once only, choose Run task once.

       5.      Choose Continue.

A new background task will be created and its task number will be displayed in a new dialog box. The task will then be added to the To do view.


To display the settings for Delete old session and log data tasks:


       1.      Choose Goto Settings Task-specific.

A hierarchy of task-specific settings is displayed.

       2.      Choose Task-specific settings Session Data Collection Maintenance Settings.

       3.      Click the Settings icon.

       4.      Choose Delete Data.

The default settings are displayed.

       5.      To edit the settings, choose Display <-> Change.


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