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Maintaining naming conventions for the general customer name range Y*/Z* is a complicated and lengthy procedure which requires special knowledge of the different transport object types. To avoid this, we recommend that you reserve your own development namespace. You can then work on your development projects in your own namespace.

To maintain naming conventions for the general customer name range Y*/Z*, you need the administration authorization in the Transport Organizer (S_CTS_ADMIN). To maintain the views for development namespaces, first go to the Transport Organizer tools (transaction SE03). Go to Administration and choose Display/Change Namespaces. Then choose Object type-specific maintenance (experts only). The view maintenance screen for the general customer name range appears.

To make a new reservation, switch to change mode. Choose New entries and enter data in the fields as follows:

Both these fields together form a unique object type ID in the Change and Transport System. When you maintain naming conventions, only use the values R3TR and R3OB for the program ID.

The corresponding values that you can enter for the object type are listed in the combined F4 help for both fields.

Enter the start of your chosen name to specify the naming convention for all your objects (and protect it for your package).

Enter the package of the project whose naming convention you want to protect. You cannot make a reservation for multiple packages (for example, a generic reservation for packages with the same start to their names).

Keep the default value D. This stands for a reservation for packages. There is another reservation type, F, for internal system generation functions, however this type is only used by SAP.

Enter the name of the project team leader who is responsible for the reservation of the name range.

The system enters today's date automatically.

Enter a short description of the naming convention. This could be the name of the project, or the application for which you made the reservation.

For more information, see Namespace Information System.