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The CCDB infrastructure comprises data transfer to change analysis (CA), checking configuration repositories, and other administrative tasks. You check the status of these tasks.


You are in the SAP Solution Manager Management work center.


  1. Choose the Infrastructure view.

  2. Choose Configuration and Change Database.

    The status of the following routine tasks can be displayed as error in the Status tab, under CCDB Infrastructure:

    • Administrative tasks

    • Check configuration repository

    • Update change analysis

  3. If the der routine task status indicates an error, identify it in the Extractor Framework:

    1. Choose Landscape.

    2. Choose Extractor Framework.

    3. Select the SAP Solution Manager system.

    4. Choose Extractors.

    5. Check the extractor status:

      • Administrative tasks: Extractor CCDB ADMINISTRATION TASKS

      • Check configuration repository: Extractor CCDB ADMINISTRATION - COMPLETE STORE CHECK

      • Update change analysis: Extractor CHANGE ANALYSIS

      For further information, see Identify Extractor Errors.

  4. For further information about the cause of a problem, go to the Exceptions tab.