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Procedure documentation Assign End User Roles  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


To be able to filter the training material by user groups for whom certain topics are relevant, when you create a learning map, assign these user groups (end user roles) to the project structure.


·        You have created end user roles and/or distributed them in the Solution Manager system.


Double-click on the Name field goes from the End User Roles tab to the Maintain Object transaction (PP01), in which you can create end user roles.

·        You are in the Business Blueprint or Configuration transaction .



       1.      Go to the End User Roles tab.

       2.      Select a structure element.

       3.      Choose the end user role type, e.g. job and organizational unit, from the possible entries help. The possible entries help shows all roles which were created in the Maintain Object transaction (PP01) or distributed from the central HR system in the Solution Manager system.

       4.      Choose the end user role, e.g. accountant, from the possible entries help.

       5.      Save your entries.


You can now Create a Learning Map from the project structure.


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