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With SAP Enterprise Modeling by IDS Scheer, you can, for example, as business process expert, use the modeling tool ARIS in the following phases of business process development:

  • Business Blueprint design phase, to design business processes from scratch

  • Upgrade phase, to redocument business processes which have been further developed in your company, to reflect the current status.


Complex Modeling

When you model a business process from scratch with ARIS, you can, for example, use AND and OR operators to design complex structures with alternative process steps.

Note Note

You can also design business processes from scratch with SAP Solution Manager. The SAP Solution Manager tries to give a quick overview of important business processes and business process steps, rather than modeling complex structures.

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Business Blueprint with ARIS Support

There is an interface for data exchange between SAP Solution Manager and ARIS. You can use an integration scenario in which your process begins in SAP Solution Manager, and you then exchange data with ARIS.

Recommendation Recommendation

We recommend the following integration process:

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This graphic is explained in the accompanying text.

Integration of ARIS and SAP Solution Manager

  1. Create the project and the system landscape in SAP Solution Manager.

  2. Select a template project from the Business Process Repository.

  3. Transfer project data from SAP Solution Manager to the ARIS platform.

  4. Model detailed processes in the ARIS platform. You model the business process hierarchy in the integration levels, according to the project requirements, so that the business process are connected to processes in the SAP system or to process steps. The hierarchy has three step levels.

  5. Synchronize the following data in ARIS and SAP Solution Manager.

    • SAP scenarios

    • Processes

    • Process steps

    • Transactions

    • SAP system landsape

    Note Note

    The synchronization is in both directions, from SAP Solution Manager to ARIS, and vice versa.

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