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On this tab, you document changes.

Under Job Requests, you can find job requests created for job documentation. There you document all change requests that employees make in the form of change requests, service desk messages or issues.

The system documents all changes within the job documentation under Change Log.


For information on the prerequisites, see Job Documentation.


To assign a transaction:

  1. Choose Assign Transaction.

    A dialog box appears.

  2. Complete all required fields.

    Note Note

    Required entry fields are indicated by *.

    End of the note.

    If you use the input help, confirm your selection with OK.

  3. Specify the required Transaction Type:

    • Enter SMCR, for example, for a change request.

    • Enter SMIN, for example, for a service desk message.

      For more information, see Service Desk.

    • Enter SLFI, for example, for issues.

      For more information, see Issue Management.

    If you use the input help, confirm your selection with OK.

  4. Enter your transaction number.

    Note Note

    Remember that you cannot assign a completed transaction. You can only assign an open transaction.

    End of the note.

    You can use the input help to select your transaction number.

    Choose OK to confirm your selection.

  5. Copy your entries.

    Note Note

    To remove your entries, choose Delete.

    To cancel the assignment of an issue, change request, or service desk message, and close the dialog box, choose Cancel.

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  6. Save your entries.

To display a transaction:

  1. Choose Display Transaction.

    You go to a dialog box that displays all assigned transactions.

    Note Note

    The dialog box only displays all assigned transactions if the WebGUI function in the Service Desk is active.

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  2. To close the window, choose Cancel.

To remove a transaction:

  1. Select the transaction you want to remove.

  2. Select Remove Transaction.

  3. Confirm your selection by choosing Remove.