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You use this procedure to create a scheduling overview of jobs from central process scheduling (CPS) in a personal object worklist (POWL). You create queries with criteria relevant for job monitoring with CPS.


  • You have scheduled jobs with central process scheduling. For more information, see SAP Central Process Scheduling by Redwood for SAP NetWeaver.

  • In the Job Management work center, under Job Monitoring, you have opened the view Central Process Scheduling.

  • You can specify individual search criteria or filter the search result.

    If you want to use filters, you have specified these in an external scheduler (such as SAP CPS by Redwood). You can use, but not change, the filters, in SAP Solution Manger, with the parameter Filter.

  • To get data from several connected SAP-CPS systems, enter their connection data in the following fields:

    • Destination

      This creates the connection to the SAP-CPS system.

    • Isolation group

      This combines several systems.


Perform query with individual criteria
  1. Choose Specify New Query.

  2. Choose Job Selection, in the quick criteria maintenance for the selection procedure.

  3. Select search criteria, for example:

    • Status

      Set, for example, the status C (for completed jobs).

    • Job Documentation

      Specify the documentation via which the job was scheduled.

    • Start and End Date

      Note Note

      In the field Queue, you can indirectly specify the SAP system from which the query is to get the data.

      End of the note.
  4. Specify the queues to be examined by the query, in the value help. You can specify queues of several managed systems, in the multiple selection dialog.

    Example Example

    For example, choose the following queues for the systems ABC and XYZ:



    End of the example.
  5. You can create a new Category for the query, and enter a description, e.g. “Customer Query”.

  6. To run the query, choose Complete. The system shows the search result in the table.

Perform query with filter
  1. In the Quick Criteria Maintenance choose Job Filter as selection procedure.

  2. Choose a Filter value.

  3. To run the query, choose Complete. The system shows the search result in the table.