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To simulate the current status of a product system, you can save an XML-based simulation file with the start constellation calculated by Maintenance Optimizer locally. The start constellation is based on the product version and the product system that you have selected for the planned maintenance transaction, and the product instance and technical system information for the product system, from the Landscape Management Database (LMDB).


You can start a maintenance transaction, in simulation mode, with an existing simulation file. Maintenance Optimizer calculates the target constellation for the maintenance transaction, to show you the effect on the product systems. You can base your planning on the result.

Alternatively, you can use the start constellation in the simulation file as the start of a regular maintenance transaction.


Create simulation file

In step 2 Select Files, you can choose Save Simulation Data and save the start constellation determined by the system, locally, as an XML simulation file.

Start maintenance transaction with simulation file

When you start a new maintenance transaction, in step 1 Plan Maintenance, you can select an existing simulation file for planning purposes. The maintenance transaction starts in simulation mode if you continue with the next step.

To return to the default mode, deactivate the simulation mode.