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You can call SAP GUI applications in work centers as well as from Web Dynpro applications.

If you are in a work center using SAP GUI for Windows, the system opens the application called, in a new SAP GUI session. If you are in a work center using a Web browser, where possible the system opens the application called in a new mode with the HTML version of the SAP GUI (SAP GUI for HTML).

Some SAP GUI application are not compatible with the SAP GUI for HTML version. In such cases the system only calls some applications in SAP GUI for Windows.

You can adjust this default call in the web browser.

Note Note

If you switch frequently between SAP GUI for Windows and SAP GUI for HTML, your system administration can enter the Web Dynpro application AGS_WORK_GUI_DEFAULT_SET for the work center roles, under Associated Links in the navigation area.

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  1. Start the Web Dynpro application AGS_WORK_GUI_DEFAULT_SET.

  2. Select how to call the SAP GUI application:

    • SAP GUI for HTML (Web browser)

      If the application is compatible, the system calls all applications using SAP GUI for HTML. This is the default setting.

    • SAP GUI for Windows (installation required)

      The system calls all applications using SAP GUI for Windows.

      Note Note

      SAP GUI for Windows must be installed on your PC.

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    • Query message

      The system asks for each call whether you want to call the application using SAP GUI for Windows or SAP GUI for HTML.