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In the navigation area of the SAP Engagement and Service Delivery work center, you can see common tasks that you will frequently carry out in this work center or that are necessary for the setup.


You are authorized for the work center.


Editing System Data

If you select this task, the SAP Solution Manager System Landscape view opens. You can edit the system data here. For more information, see Landscape Management.

Editing Solution Data

If you select this task the Active Solutions dialog box opens. Select the solution whose data you would like to edit. You go to the Display Solution Directory dialog box. For more information, see Define Solutions in the Solution Directory.

Editing Project Blueprints

If you select this task the Select Project dialog box opens. Select the project whose blueprint you want to edit. For further information, see Business Blueprint.

Edit Project Configuration

If you select this task the Select Project dialog box opens. Select the project whose configuration you want to edit. See Create and Edit Project/Solution Structure for further information.

Display Roadmaps

This task displays a roadmap, if you select a project that has been assigned a roadmap.

Schedule Content Update

If you select this task the Configure Content Update dialog box opens. Here, you can configure the following settings:

  • How many days before or after the delivery date the system should search for a service content update

  • The size of the download package

  • Whether update information is downloaded automatically

  • Whether available content is downloaded automatically

  • Whether downloaded content is automatically activated

Issue Settings

If you select this task, you go to the Issue Settings dialog box. Here, you can make the following settings:

  • assign predefined description texts for issues and top issues

  • whether the Messages, Service Sessions and Change Requests tabs are also to be shown in the Issues view in the Issue Details dialog box

  • whether the link to issues captured in external applications, is to be made in the Issues view (by providing the field External ID in the Processing Information tab, in the Issue Details) dialog box