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When a user creates a transport proposal in the transport workflow, he or she must only be able to use the direct target systems defined on the transport routes, and not all systems in the landscape.


To restrict the possible systems to direct target systems, proceed as follows:


       1.      Log on to the SAP System that functions as the transport domain controller and call transaction STMS.

       2.      Choose Overview  Systems. The system overview appears.

       3.      Position the cursor on the SAP System that you want to change and choose SAP System Change. The screen Change TMS Configuration: System <System name> appears.

       4.      Choose the tab Transport tool. First, all the global parameters are displayed and then all the local parameters.

       5.      Position the cursor on a local parameter and choose Insert Line. An empty line appears.

       6.      Enter the parameter WF_DIRECT_TARGETS and the value ON or EXCLUSIVE.

The ON setting restricts the available systems to direct target systems. You can still delete systems from the available group of target systems.

If the setting is EXCLUSIVE, you cannot delete systems from the available group of target systems. This makes sure that all the specified transport requests are imported into all systems in the transport landscape.

       7.      Save your entries and distribute the changed configuration.


In the Create Transport Proposal dialog box you can only select the direct target systems on the transport routes as transport targets.

For more information on setting transport parameters, see Configuring the Transport Control Program tp.




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