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You can use Interactive Reporting to centrally display the development of the most important monitoring data over time, to identify potential problems early, and to obtain an overview of the usage, availability, and performance of your Java systems, among other things.

The reports contain various periods, from the current day to the previous year, so you can see both the current, and the long-term development of the performance values. The values for each period are automatically displayed in the appropriate level of detail (see Using Interactive Reporting).

The available reports for Java systems are divided into the following four topic areas:

  • Availability

    These reports contain information about the availability of the selected system, and also display information about planned downtimes.

  • Performance

    These reports contain information about the response times and other metrics of the selected system that characterize the performance of the system.

  • Capacity

    These reports contain information about the usage of the available capacity of the selected system. These reports therefore give you information about the capacity that is still free, for example, in the usage of different memory, or of the available CPUs.

  • Usage

    These reports contain information about the usage of the selected system. They therefore allow you to see the scope of the usage of systems.


The following reports are available to you for Java systems:

Topic of the Report

More Information

  Availability   System Availability  

  Availability   Instance Availability  

  Availability   Host Availability  

  Availability   Database Availability  

Interactive Reports for Java Systems - Availability

  Performance   Threads  

  Performance   Garbage Collection  

  Performance   Response Times  

  Usage   Old Space Usage  

  Usage   Memory Assignment  

  Performance   Database Performance  

Interactive Reports for Java Systems - Performance

  Capacity   CPU  

  Capacity   Main Memory  

  Capacity   File System  

  Capacity   Paging Rate  

Interactive Reports for Java Systems - Capacity

  Usage   Number of HTTP Sessions  

Interactive Reports for Java Systems - Usage

The specified reports largely share the following properties:

  • The reports each have an Overview display and a Details display, and you can switch between these displays by choosing the button of the same name. In the detail display, you have more options for displaying specific metrics in the report.

  • When you call a report, the development of the displayed metric is displayed for the relevant system, that is, you see a mean value for all instances of the system. However, in the overview display, you can also display only specific instances or nodes, by selecting them in the area Instances or Nodes and choosing the Filter button. The detail display usually displays the 10 nodes of the selected system with the highest values for the displayed metric. You can also filter by hosts and instances here.


Interactive Reporting is part of the Technical Monitoring work center in the Solution Manager.