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The CCMS Alert Monitor is integrated with the Transport Management System (TMS) to enable the system administrator to monitor the system. It is activated automatically when the TMS is configured.

For basic information about alert monitors, see the section on the Computing Center Management System under Alert Monitor.

The CCMS Alert Monitor offers the following functions:

The CCMS Alert Monitor includes all systems in the current system landscape.

Any new systems that you include in the system landscape appear immediately in the monitor. Similarly, any systems you delete from the landscape disappear from the monitor straight away. Remember that if you do this, you may also delete open (uncompleted) alerts.


The monitor registers any problems that occur locally in the system, either internal system problems, or problems that it has contacting other systems.

These alerts are sent to the TMS controller at the same time. When you are logged on to the controller you can view and process all alerts that have occurred in the domain.


Remember that any errors that occur when the CCMS alerts are registered are sent to the TMS Alert Viewer. Do not forget to check the entries in the TMS Alert Viewer regularly.

For more information on avoiding memory problems, see Increasing the Shared Memory Area.

Accessing the CCMS Alert Monitor

To access the CCMS Alert Monitor, go to the initial TMS screen and choose This graphic is explained in the accompanying text or Monitor TMS alerts CCMS Alert Monitor.

To access the CCMS Alert Monitor from other TMS functions, choose Goto or Environment and then the appropriate option.

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