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The reference system contains the target configuration data that is compared with actual configuration data. A reference system can be a user-defined target system or an existing system. You can base a target system on an existing system configuration. The configuration elements of an existing system are copied from the configuration and change database, and then adjusted.

The procedure describes how to create a new target system.


Creating a Target System
  1. Choose the Edit Target System tab.

  2. Choose Create.

  3. In the System ID field, enter the ID of the system on whose configuration data you want to base your target system, or enter the data in one of the other fields to search for the system. You also have the following options:

    • Display All:

      This displays all systems in your landscape whose configuration can be verified.

    • Display Selection:

      This displays only the systems that meet the selection criteria.

    • Delete Selection:

      The system deletes the selection criteria.

  4. Choose a system.

    The configuration repositories of the system are displayed. You can press the Repository Details button to display additional configuration repository details. If you select the configuration repository, its content is displayed in the lower part of the screen.

  5. Select the configuration repositories whose configuration you want to verify and choose Create Target System with Selected Repositories.

    You can search for configuration repositories and filter the display. If, for example, you only want to display ABAP configuration repositories, enter ABAP in the Name column and confirm.

  6. Enter an ID and a description for the target system and choose Save.

  7. Choose Edit to edit the target system you have created, and define the target configuration.

  8. Enter the SID of the target system that you want to edit, or display all target systems or only a defined selection.

  9. Choose a target system.

    The configuration repositories of the system are displayed.

  10. Select a configuration repository.

    The configuration elements of the configuration repository are displayed in the lower part of the screen. You now have the following options:

    • You can use operators to define the configuration of the target system. You can obtain information about the various operators by clicking the Display Compliance Key button.

    • You can remove individual configuration elements from the list. The configuration of these configuration elements is not verified.

    • You can add additional configuration elements and then edit them.

    The pushbuttons offer additional editing options.

    Note Note

    The content of the table depends on the type of the configuration repository, which also affects which data you can edit.

    End of the note.
  11. In the Test column, choose the icon to check whether the configuration verification values are valid.

  12. Choose Save.

Creating a Target System from a Template
  1. Execute steps 1-4 of the procedure for creating a new target system.

  2. Choose Create a Target System from a Template.

  3. Enter the name of the target system.

  4. Choose a template and choose Create.

    The configuration repositories that the template contains are now automatically copied from the system you selected.

  5. Continue with step 7 of the procedure for creating a new target system.