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In the following cases, you can send replies to the support employee:

  • You have received a solution proposal that does not solve your problem, or not completely. You want the support employee to continue processing the problem

  • The support employee requires more information to solve your problem and has set the support message's user status to Customer Action.


In the overview of the messages created by you, a message appears with the status Solution Proposal or Customer Action.


  1. In the Messages view, choose the support message.

  2. In the message details, choose Reply.

    You go to the Send Reply dialog box.

  3. Specify your reply and choose Send Reply.

  4. To attach a document, choose Add Attachment in the details of the message.


The system changes the user status of the support message to In Process.

Your reply appears in the support message's long text and can be viewed by the support employee.

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