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Object documentation Roadmap Structure View   Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


The structure view is a complete view of the Roadmap.


Project area

The left-hand screen area contains the structure of the Roadmap with attributes. The structure comprises the following elements:

·        Phase (level 1)
The Roadmap comprises phases which each represent a major part of the implementation project.

·        Work package (level 2)
Each phase of the Roadmap contains work packages to accomplish the objectives of the phase.
Work packages contain activities and tasks.

·        Activity(level 3)
Each work package comprises activities.
Activities contain tasks to be performed by one or more project team members to achieve the specified objectives. This level contains accelerators, i.e. documents, templates and guidelines which help you to implement a mySAP solution.

·        Task (level 4)
Each activity comprises several tasks.
The Roadmap documents describe in detail the steps required to carry out a task. The tasks are performed by project team members. This level also contains accelerators for the implementation of the mySAP solution.

View area

A description of the structure element selected in the project area is displayed at the top right-hand side of the screen.

Filter functions

The filter function restricts or expands the structure view and the initial view of a Roadmap, by roles, subject areas and flavors.


If the attributes which SAP assigned to an accelerator do not match your filter conditions, the accelerator is hidden.
You can display the attributes of an accelerator by double-clicking on the Attributes icon in the Accelerator tab.

You can additionally restrict or extend the view of a Roadmap with a project link, by the status of the structure elements and the keywords which you have assigned.

Extended search function

You can list the following information below a structure step, with Goto:

·        Accelerator

·        Notes

·        Messages

·        Project documentation

User interface settings

·        Specify whether you enter the Roadmap via the structure view or the initial view, in Settings User-Specific.

·        You can show or hide the structure (Work Breakdown Structure (WBS)) numbering with Roadmap Show or Hide WBS Numbering.


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