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You use Self Diagnosis to monitor SAP Solution Manager components or solutions.

The self-diagnosis analyses run daily in the background by default. You can perform a new analysis at any time, for example, to check whether a problem indicated by alerts has been resolved.

You can display the self-diagnosis results in various levels of detail:

  • Solution-specific: You analyze a particular solution.

    For example, to check if the master data of a solution is consistent.

  • Solution-independent or cross–solution: You analyze the entire system or several solutions.

    For example, if there are problems that affect all solutions.

    For more information, see SAP Note 1073382.


You have created at least one solution.

For more information, see Creating Solutions from a Work Center.


  • Checks if system requirements for operating SAP Solution Manager have been met

  • Checks certain system requirements of managed systems to which SAP Solution Manager connects

  • Accessible as solution specific or cross-solution self-diagnosis