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On this tab you document which organizations are responsible for a background job, which business priority the background job has and for which purpose it is required.


For information on the prerequisites, see Job Documentation.


To assign an organization to the background job:

  1. Choose the Add pushbutton on the Organization tab.

    A dialog box appears.

  2. Under Data Source select the following:

    • Organizational Model: You can assign the organization using an organizational model.

      An organizational model can be a department in a company, for example.

    • Direct Entry: You can assign the organization using the fields Region, Country Code, Organization and Business Area.

      Note Note

      You specify the data proposed in the input help for these fields in Customizing.

      End of the note.

To specify the business requirements for the background job, proceed as follows:

  1. Select the business priority of the background job under Priority. You can choose the following:

    • Very High

    • High

    • Medium

    • Low

    The priority is Medium by default.

  2. Document the purpose of the background job under Business Requirements.