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Procedure documentationCreate Service Documents - Guided Self-Service Locate this document in the navigation structure


Using self-services, you can create new service documents for service sessions.


Note the prerequisites described under Service Documents.


  1. In the Service Documents area, select a service session in the table for which you want to create a new service document.

  2. Choose a link in the Session column.

    The guided self-service session for creating service documents opens.

  3. Follow the individual steps specified in the navigation bar to specify which information the service document is to contain. It includes the following information:

    • Preparation: Prepare the session which is described below.

    • Analyze: This step checks the data collection status (if the data was collected in a previous step), and runs the session Self-Service Checks.

    • Report: This section creates the final report and sends it to its recipients.

    • Post-processing: This step creates the issues and tasks which are the result of the service, and triggers subsequent actions.