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To use the Landscape Management Database (LMDB), it needs to be initially set up, as follows.


  1. Start transaction SOLMAN_SETUP and choose   System Preparation   Prepare Landscape Description   Set Up LMDB  .

    The system checks whether the LMDB has an object server name. If not, you are prompted to enter a new one. This name, in combination with the CIM namespace, specifies the absolute path of LMDB objects. The object server name should be different in all SLDs and LMDBs. In the LMDB, it is always appropriate to use the server name as object server name. For naming recommendations, see SAP Note 935245.

  2. Connect LMDB to System Landscape Directory (SLD)

    The main source for system information should be a central SLD, which receives information from SLD data suppliers in the system landscape, and synchronizes with the LMDB.

  3. Migrate System Information from SMSY to LMDB

    If you previously maintained system information in SMSY that cannot be received from the SLD, it can be better to migrate it to the LMDB than to recreate it manually.

  4. Synchronize with SAP Support Portal

    The SAP Support Portal must be provided with technical system information to find notes or open service connections.

  5. Synchronize with Transport Management System (TMS)

    This sets up automatic data transfer from the Transport Management System, which is optional.

  6. Automatic Synchronization from LMDB to SMSY

    Some SAP Solution Manager applications still use SMSY as their source of system information, so the information collected in the LMDB is automatically forwarded to SMSY.