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Automatic configuration of technical systems in your system landscape, in a project. The configuration tasks are based on CTC templates: Scripts which automate the technical configuration steps in a specified sequences. The configuration tasks available depend on the product instances and product versions to which your technical systems are assigned.

For further information, see Automatic Configuration Tasks.

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  Links   SAP Notes   contains important information about automatic technical configuration.

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  • You are authorized to configure. For further information, see the SAP Solution Manager security guide in the SAP Service Marketplace, under   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager <current release>  .

  • To be able to perform configuration methods based on CTC templates, you need a connection to a standard CTC runtime environment. For further information, see Prerequisites for Automatic Technical Configuration (CTC Runtime) and the SAP Solution Manager Configuration Guide in the dem SAP Service Marketplace, under   SAP Components   SAP Solution Manager <current release>  .

  • Systems in the system landscape in which you want to perform configuration methods must have the current version of software component ST-PI.


  • Display configuration tracks for the selected system role

    You can show the possible configuration tasks and executable configuration methods, between the configuration targets, along a configuration track.

  • Display configuration status

    The lowest status value for each configuration track is displayed. This status value is the aggregate of the status values of the configuration methods, except for documentation.

  • Perform a configuration method for a configuration task


  1. Choose an existing implementation or template project which contains the data from your system landscape. Alternatively, you can create a new implementation project and its project landscape, as follows:

    1. You create an implementation project with a project landscape, using the template of a reference landscape. Choose   Links   Project Generation  . See Create Implementation Project from Template, for further information.

    2. You make assignments between logical components of the newly-created project landscape and your technical systems. For more information, see Edit Project Landscape.

  2. Select the filter criteria for displaying the configuration tracks in your project landscape.

  3. Select the configuration task in the configuration track.

  4. Select the configuration method in the configuration task.

  5. Run the configuration method.