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This view displays the number of solutions for which alerts appeared in the business process monitoring, the data consistency monitoring, or the data volume monitoring.

You can specify whether the number of alerts displayed considers only the most recent alerts or all the open alerts. You can also filter the list of solutions by alert rating.

Detailed information can be called up for each solution, such as the business processes with the assigned alerts and the scenario.

There is also a graphical overview of the business processes of a solution, in which the alerts are represented by symbols.


  • You have created at least one solution with business process monitoring.

  • An alert has occurred for this solution in the business process monitoring area.


Displaying Solutions with Alerts from Business Process Monitoring
  1. Choose an alert view.

  2. Choose an alert rating.

  3. The numbers in the columns of the list specify how many alerts exist with the corresponding evaluation. If you choose a number, you go to the Alert Inbox for this alert value and solution.

Displaying Details for Solutions

When you select a solution in the list, the system displays information on the solution in the detail area on two tabs. If monitoring is set up for this process, there is an alert rating next to the business process.

Note Note

The rating in the list and the graphical overview is based on the alert view previously set (current or open). You can change the alert view.

End of the note.
  • Business Process Operations tab

    Here, the business processes that belong to a solution are listed. Along with the business processes for which monitoring is set up, you see the evaluation.

    You can filter the list based on the evaluations. This means that you can specify that all business processes are displayed, or only business processes with red, yellow or green alerts.

    If you choose the name of a business process, you go to the Business Process view.

    If you choose a rating, you go to the Alert Inbox for this rating and the business process.

  • Graphical Overview tab

    Here you see a graphical representation of the business processes of a solution. In the graphic, alerts are represented by small red or yellow squares, or by a green checkmark. When you choose one of these symbols, you go to the Alert Inbox.

    Note Note

    The graphic assigns an overall alert to a business process, equal to the highest individual alert for it.

    End of the note.

    If you choose the name of a business process in the graphical overview, you go to the graphical overview of the Business Processes view, which shows the business process steps.

Changing the Work Area for the Alert Display

Your user role determines your work areas.

If you want to change from the alert display for the business process monitoring to the alert display for the data consistency or data volume management, you select the desired option under Work Area.

Update solution list

You can update the table Running Business Processes - Business Process and Interface Alerts.

  1. Refresh pushbutton (refresh current query)

    The system recalculates the number of alerts for the solution.

  2. (Refresh All) icon

    This action updates the entire solution landscape.

    Note Note

    This action is only necessary when the user creates and sets up a new solution, and wants to see it immediately in the work center. The update requires a lot of system resources. The cache is therefore usually only updated daily by a background job.

    End of the note.