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Procedure documentationUsing Job Control to Change the Job Scheduling Locate this document in the navigation structure


You want to use job control to change a job that has already been created.


  • You have made the settings required by job control (see Configuring Job Control and Ad-Hoc Jobs).

  • You have created a request for a new job, for which there is already documentation, in job control.

  • The job that you want to change using job control must still have a changeable status. It must not, for example, have one of the following statuses:

    • Canceled

    • Completed


To change the data of a job with job control, proceed as follows:

  1. Start the transaction SM37 in your managed system.

  2. To search for the job to be changed, enter the job data and choose Execute.

  3. Select the job and choose   Job   Change  .

    Because the job control integrates the job scheduling management process into the transaction SM37, a dialog box opens. It tells you that you can only create or change jobs in the SAP Solution Manager system.

  4. Confirm the dialog box

    You go to the SAP Solution Manager system.

    The system shows the job creation data in the SAP Solution Manager system Job Control Web Dynpro application.

  5. You can change the job creation data in the Web Dynpro application steps.

  6. Save your entries in the Confirm step.