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You document job scheduling restrictions in this tab.


For information on the prerequisites, see Job Documentation.


To restrict scheduling:

  1. Choose Add.

    A dialog box appears.

  2. Name the scheduling restriction in Name.

  3. Choose a type. Possible types are:

    • Conflict

      Use this type if your job can cause conflicts. A conflict can, for example, occur when two particular jobs run in parallel.

    • Dependency

      Use this type if the job depends on other factors or jobs.

    • Predecessor

      Use this type if another job must run before this one.

    • Successor

      Use this type if another job must run after this one.

    Note Note

    You can specify other types in SAP Solution Manager Customizing, under   Scenario-Specific Settings   Job Scheduling Management  .

    End of the note.
  4. Describe the scheduling restriction.

  5. Confirm with OK and save your entries.

Choose the scheduling restriction in the list, for detailed information about it. The name, type and description of this scheduling restriction appear in the fields under the list.