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SAP offers both Quality Gate Management (QGM) and Change Request Management as standardized change control tools. Both QGM and Change Request Management offer a central transport mechanism and change control system to manage changes across technology stacks and application components.

However, whereas QGM focuses on the quality process by means of quality gates, Change Request Management provides a process-oriented workflow for the approval and realization of changes. You can decide to use one of the two tools or both together.

Accordingly, an SAP Solution Manager project can be a QGM project, a Change Request Management project, or both. Note the following restrictions:

  • A Change Request Management project can only be enabled for QGM in the development phase.

  • Change Request Management can only be activated for a QGM project if the project was completely maintained in QGM. This means all the configuration steps must be completed in project maintenance.

  • Change Request Management can only be activated for a QGM project as long as no quality gate was passed in QGM and no transport requests or changes were created in QGM.

  • If the transport requests were deleted or decoupled, and all changes were withdrawn or finished, this means that a project can also be Change Request Management-enabled.

  • You can enable a Change Request Management project by maintaining QGM data directly in the Change Management work center or using transaction SOLAR_PROJECT_ADMIN. For more information, see Setting up Quality Gates and Assigning Project Phases.

  • For a project enabled for both Change Request Management and QGM, the transport features are only available on the Change Request Management side.

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