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With the product system editor of the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) in SAP Solution Manager, you can create, change, and delete information about product systems.

For more information about product systems, see Manage Product System Information.

Note Note

Until SAP Solution Manager 7.1 SP04, product system information was maintained in the SAP Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY). For information about the general differences between LMDB and SMSY, see SAP Note 1679673.

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If you created product system information in SAP Solution Manager System Landscape (SMSY) in an earlier release, you can migrate those descriptions into the LMDB during SAP Solution Manager Configuration (transaction SOLMAN_SETUP); you do not need to re-create it manually. For more information, see Migrate System Information from SMSY to LMDB.


Create a New Product System

Product system descriptions must be created manually. They cannot be provided by an SLD.

  1. Go to   SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers   Solution Manager Administration   Landscape   Technical Systems  . Select the technical system for which you want to create a product system and choose Edit.

    (Alternatively, you can directly access the Landscape Management Database with transaction LMDB.)

  2. Under Software, choose Assign to Product System.

    Follow the instructions in the popup.

  3. To edit a created product system, go to the LMDB start screen (transaction LMDB), and select the relevant product system on the Product Systems tab.

Edit Product Systems

At the end of this task, the verification in the product system editor must deliver a positive result.

  1. Go to   SAP Solution Manager: Work Centers   Solution Manager Administration   Landscape   Product Systems  .

    The status tells you if the product system definitions are complete and correct.

  2. To edit a product system, select it and choose Edit.

  3. Define the technical systems and the product instances that belong to the product system. Whereas technical systems that are maintained together are well-known in most cases, the correct product instances are sometimes hard to find if they are not provided by the technical system. The product system editor as well as the technical system editor provide proposals for the product instances selection. The proposals are calculated based on the set of installed software components. Sometimes several valid configurations are possible; therefore you must select the one that is correct for your product system.

    Choose Technical Systems, then Add. For more information, see the help text in the popup.

    For each product instance that you assign, choose Execute Verification Check in the popup.

  4. Choose Close.

    The assigned product instances are now listed in the table, sorted by their technical system and product version.

    Review your settings. To persist your changes to database, choose Save.

  5. Perform a verification check for the product system. For more information, see Execute Verification Checks.

    Follow the instructions in the help text and in the error messages.

  6. Choose Save in the Overview screen.

Note Note

When you assign product instances and their technical systems to a product system, these product instances also appear in the Software screen of the technical system editor. But the Installed indicator is not automatically set in the technical system editor. Assigning product instances to a product system does not mean that they also must be marked as installed on the related technical system, though this will normally be the case; because if the automatic SLD data supplier delivers this product instance information, usually the Installed indicator is set automatically. In the technical system editor, you can see the following information:

  • if a product instance is installed on the technical system

  • if a product instance is assigned to a product system

Do not manually set the Installed indicator for product instances in the technical system editor. It is sufficient that you only assign the product instances to a product system.

End of the note.

More Information

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