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You can assign a decoupled transport request to another change document. You can assign freely created transport requests to a change document. For example, if you start using change request management, you can assign your existing transport requests to change documents and control them using change request management.

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You can only assign changeable transport requests.

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  1. In the Transport Management assignment block , choose   More   Assign Transport Request  .

    The system displays a dialog box with a transport request search screen. Only free transports in the development systems are displayed, that is, transports that are not related to a change cycle or a change document.

  2. Search for the transport request. Select the desired request(s) and choose Assign Transport Request.

    If you have activated downgrade protection, the system might issue messages in case of potential downgrade conflicts. For more information, see Downgrade Protection.


The transport request is now assigned to the change document, and is displayed in the Transport Management assignment block.