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Procedure documentation Create Upgrade Project View  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure

As part of an upgrade project, create views of the IMG projects in the managed systems in which you have carried out an upgrade, in order to define the scope of the necessary Customizing activities in the managed systems.


       1.      Select the IMG project in the IMG Projects tab.

       2.      Choose Create Views.

You access the managed system.

       3.      Specify a view name.

       4.      Set the Release Customizing flag.

       5.      Under Release Customizing, specify the level of detail for the view.

       6.      Choose the From and To releases of the components.

See View: Create Release Customizing for further information.

       7.      Choose Save in View Data.

       8.      Generate the view.

       9.      Save your changes and choose Back.

You return to project administration for SAP Solution Manager.

The traffic light icon in the View column of project administration IMG Projects tab page changes to green.


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