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Function documentationCopying an Analysis Project and Updating it with Data from a Solution or an SAP Solution Manager Project Locate this document in the navigation structure


You have changed the structure of a Solution Manager project, for example, or you have added new objects to a Solution Manager project in transaction SOLAR01 on the "Transactions" tab page. You want continue using an analysis project that you have created for the Solution Manager project or the solution. To ensure that you do not have to assign already existing check items and check steps again, copy the analysis project or update the analysis project from the source.

The structure objects of the new analysis project match the structure of the SAP Solution Manager project or the solution. Previously assigned check rules from the original analysis project are copied to the new analysis project.

For objects that you have reassigned in the SAP Solution Manager project or in the solution on the Transactions tab page, new check rules are created in the new analysis project.

When objects are deleted, the system behaves according to the type of object deleted, as follows:

  • Structure objects deleted in the original Business Blueprint or in a solution are deleted along with the assigned objects in the analysis project.

  • Objects that are assigned to structure nodes on the Transactions tab page and deleted in the original Business Blueprint or in a solution are kept in the analysis project.


  • You have called the Solution Documentation Assistant.

  • You have a source for the analysis project, for example, a SAP Solution Manager project.


  1. In the Analysis Projects view, select the analysis project and choose Copy.

    You go to the Copy Analysis Project dialog box.

  2. Optional: To change the name, click on the name and overwrite the proposal.

  3. Optional: To copy structural changes from the source for the analysis project (a solution or an underlying SAP Solution Manager project) and thus update the copy, proceed as follows:

    1. Select the Update Copy with Data from the Source checkbox.

      Note Note

      The check box is only active if the source is available.

      End of the note.
    2. To update the copy from a source, you have the following options, depending on the type of relationship between the analysis project and the source:

      • Source Relationship: Select the SAP Solution Manager project or solution on which the copied analysis project is based. If the contents have changed, the system adapts the contents of the analysis project accordingly. The source with the Source relationship type is selected by default.

      • Target Relationship: Select another SAP Solution Manager project. An SAP Solution Manager project with the Target relationship type is then displayed if you have, for example, done the following:

        • You have uploaded an analysis project from a reference SAP Solution Manager system via the content interface, performed an analysis, and created a new SAP Solution Manager project from the analysis.

        • You have created a new SAP Solution Manager project from an existing analysis.

  4. Choose OK.

    The system creates a new analysis project. If you update the copy with data from the source, structure nodes, for example, that were added or removed in the source for the analysis project are also added or removed in the newly created copy of the analysis project.