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This process provides central message management and processing. IT Service Management, with its integration of SAP Customer Relationship Management (SAP CRM) IT Service Management, allows you to contact all parties involved in a message. These include all users of the system landscape or your company's solutions, such as employees, customers, consultants or support staff.

If your IT system landscape also contains SAP solutions, customer SAP experts and SAP Service & Support staff can also communicate via the IT Service Management.

IT Service Management can include an external help desk, set up service connections, and access SAP Service & Support.

  • Incident Management

    The generic Incident Management solution reports incidents, problems and service requests, helps to find solutions, and supports efficient message processing.

    You can create messages directly in an SAP transaction. Incident Management gathers all relevant system information, which considerably speeds up the solution process.

  • Change Request Management

    Change Request Management manages SAP Solution Manager projects (maintenance, implementation, template, and upgrade) from end to end:

  • Interface for the help desk of a third party provider

    You can connect an external help desk to your SAP Solution Manager system, for example to continue to use existing help desks, or to use other SAP Solution Manager Service Desks as external help desks.

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    You can use Incident Management for all your solutions, including non-SAP applications.

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  • Global Service & Support Backbone

    The SAP Global Service & Support Backbone integrates the SAP Solution Manager, the SAP Service Marketplace and the SAP service infrastructure. Integration includes access to support processes and tools, which SAP Support employees as well as SAP partners can access.

    You use wizards to set-up service connections to SAP for the managed systems in your solution. You can open a service connection for a specified period, for an SAP Support staff member to log on to your system and perform support.


Incident Management is based on the integration of SAP CRM IT service management in SAP Solution Manager. All IT service management functions are available in SAP Solution Manager.

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