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Procedure documentation Writing Documentation  Locate the document in its SAP Library structure


We recommend that you write documentation for all tasks and requests while working on requests. You can keep adding to the documentation until you release it. This is no longer possible after the request has been released.


Writing clear, relevant documentation for tasks and requests helps all developers to understand internal development processes. The documentation is also one of the requirements for revising development work.

A check on the existence of task documentation when the request is released is activated globally by default to make sure that tasks are documented. You can change this setting in the Transport Organizer tools (transaction SE03) under Global Customizing (Transport Organizer).


You are in the request editor and have chosen the Documentation tab page.


To create documentation, proceed as follows:


       1.      Choose Display <-> Change.  You can write your documentation.

       2.      Save your entries.


To standardize your documentation, you can create templates and include them in the documentation field.

To do this, call transaction SE61 and create a document of the document class General Text. You can insert this document as a template in the documentation field by implementing the Business Add-In for Defining the Template for the Task Documentation.

To access this business add-in, call transaction SPRO and choose SAP Reference IMG SAP Web Application Server System Administration Change and Transport System Business Add-Ins in the Change and Transport System Area Business Add-In for Defining the Template for the Task Documentation.


The documentation on the tasks of a request is copied to the documentation of that request when you release the task.



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