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Before starting with executing transports, you should consider which transport types you require in your landscape and which ones are suitable for your situation. The following transport types are available:

  • Activity-Based SDA Transports

    This is available for standard scenarios, such as customer modifications to SAP applications (for example, Employee Self-Service (ESS)/Customer Relationship Management (CRM)) and for customer-own developments.

  • SCA and SDA Transports Using the Export Service

    The SCA transport is available for transporting defined development states or larger changes. You should only use SDA transports using the Export Service in exceptional cases.

  • Activity Transport

    This is provided for transporting smaller source changes. You must use this method in exceptional cases only.

You can specify the transport types most suited to you when configuring the development configuration in the Configuration Service. For this you have to decide whether you want to execute activity-based SDA transports or activity transports. You can execute SCA transports using the Export Service in parallel to this or use them exclusively (without activity-based SDA or activity transports).

Recommendation Recommendation

Combine activity-based SDA transports and SCA transports. This means you can react flexibly to different situations. If lots of changes are to be transported at one time, then it can make sense to transport the whole SCA instead of many activity-based SDAs. For small changes then just transport the SDAs. Adapt the configuration of the Development Configuration accordingly for the combined use of transport types.

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