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Users without access to an SAP system can create a message for their Service Desk in a Web browser using the Web Dynpro application ags_work_incident_create_app. The system data for the message is automatically captured in the background, and sent to the Service Desk in SAP Solution Manager.


You have made the required settings in the SAP Solution Manager customizing.


  1. Call the (ICF) path to the Web Dynpro application ags_work_incident_create_app input screen in the Internet Communication Framework (transaction SICF): /sap/bc/webdynpro/sap/ags_work_incident_create_app

  2. You can create an Alias/Quick Link to the Web Dynpro application to create messages more easily. See Internal Aliases.

  3. Enter any parameters. You can, e.g. specify default components to be displayed in the message. SAP Note 1356751 contains further information.