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System data, such as information about software component versions, their patch level, and the servers and databases of a system, is saved in both the Landscape Management Database (LMDB) of SAP Solution Manager and in the SAP Support Portal. The SAP Support Portal needs this information, for example, to find notes and to establish service connections.


The following prerequisites must be fulfilled:


Automatic: Global synchronization of system data with the SAP Support Portal

The system landscape data capture is carried out automatically by default. It synchronizes system data in the LMDB with the SAP Support Portal every day. The synchronization is part of the periodic LANDSCAPE FETCH job.

To change the settings for synchronization with the SAP Support Portal, start transaction SMSY_SYNCH_SAP_CUST. You can set a default behavior for the synchronization and define system-specific deviations from this default behavior.

Manual: Upload information for a selected technical system to the SAP Support Portal

You can manually upload the information for an individual technical system to the SAP Support Portal. This is helpful to update information about installed software component versions (including Support Packages), which enables correct note search results in the SAP Support Portal, and to update technical instances, for a correct support service connection setup.

Also, in some cases technical system information must be entered manually, for example, if no automatic SLD data supplier can be used or if a specific system does not provide some information. In this case, you can define the required information in the technical system editor and upload it to the SAP Support Portal manually.

The manual upload is supported for all technical system types for that an installation number and a system number is available. The three-character system ID is only uploaded to the SAP Support Portal if it is relevant for the selected system type.

For more information, see System-Specific Synchronization with the SAP Support Portal under Other Settings and Functions in the Technical System Editor.


SAP support wants to support you, but cannot logon to your development system ABC because the server data for this system is not in the SAP Support Portal.

  1. In the LMDB, check whether the SLD data supplier has provided the server data for system ABC. If not, complete the information in the LMDB, or, preferably, make sure that the information is provided automatically by an SLD data supplier.

  2. Synchronize the system data of system ABC with the SAP Support Portal in the LMDB, as described above.

  3. Now, the customer can open the support connection in the SAP Support Portal and SAP support can log on to your system ABC.

More Information

SAP Note 993775 contains a list of system data which is synchronized between SAP Solution Manager and SAP Support Portal.