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You use this procedure to execute a single or periodic planned downtime, manually.


You have:

  • Authorization

  • Configured adaptive computing, if you want to use it to stop and start a system


  1. Go to the Technical Administration work center.

  2. Choose Work Mode Management.

  3. In the Type Selection area, select Technical Systems.

  4. Go to the planned downtime or maintenance work mode.

  5. On the Execution tab page, analyze the status of the system.

  6. To assign the execution task to a processor, create a task.

  7. To stop the system, choose Stop System Now.

  8. Perform one of the following:

    Use SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller tool to perform a downtime, because it shuts down an SAP System in the correct sequence, and stops the database.

Stopping a System using SAPControl
  1. If you know the SAP system shutdown sequence, select Using SAPControl.

  2. Enter the required data.

  3. In the Confirmation window, confirm your entries.

  4. In the SAPControl Authorization Check window, enter the required user credentials.

  5. Save your entries.

    The status of the downtime changes to Completed once the execution is complete.

Stopping a System using SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller
  1. If you do not know the SAP System shut down sequence, select Using Adaptive Computing Controller.

  2. Confirm your selection.

    The status of the downtime changes to Completed once the execution is complete.

Starting a System
  1. To restart the system, choose Start System Now.

  2. Start the system using SAPControl or SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller.

More Information

  • For more information on editing a downtime in process, see Editing Downtime (Optional).

  • For more information on creating a task, see Managing Tasks.

  • For more information on how to stop a Java stack, see SAP Note 1173303.

  • For more information on archiving work modes that are completed or automatically canceled, see SAP Note 1538133.

  • For more information on SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller, see   SAP NetWeaver   SAP NetWeaver Adaptive Computing Controller  .