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In job control, you create a new job request in the SAP Solution Manager system, before a (periodic) job can be scheduled in your managed system from the job documentation.

The new jobs which job control creates, can be:

  • Periodic

    You must create a job request when you create periodic jobs in job control, because they go through an approval process.

  • Ad-Hoc

    For ad-hoc jobs, it depends on your configuration settings whether you need to create a job request, that is, whether they go through an approval process in the job control or can be scheduled directly by the job control application (see Ad-Hoc Jobs).


You have made the settings required by job control (see Configuring Job Control and Ad-Hoc Jobs).


    To create a new job using job control, proceed as follows:

    1. Start the transaction SM36 in your managed system.

      Because the job control integrates the transaction SM36 into the job scheduling management process, a dialog box opens. It tells you that you can only create or change jobs in the SAP Solution Manager system.

    2. Confirm the dialog box

      You go to the SAP Solution Manager system.

      The job control application gets data from your managed system and displays it in the SAP Solution Manager system Job Control Web Dynpro application.

    3. Make the following entries in the Planing step of the Job Control Web Dynpro application:

      • Specify the RFC connection from the SAP Solution Manager to your managed system.

        Note Note

        The system proposes a default RFC connection, which you can overwrite.

        End of the note.
      • Enter a name for the job you wish to create.

      • Specify the date and time until which the job request is to be valid.

      • Add new job steps.

      Choose Next.

    4. For jobs which require an approval process (e.g. periodic jobs) enter the following in the Request Job step:

      Note Note

      For newly-created ad-hoc jobs, whose configuration settings do not require an approval process, this step is not shown.

      End of the note.
      • Reason for the job request and priority

      • Business requirements information

      • Business process information

      Note Note

      The business partner, the managed system and a predefined request short text are automatically provided by the application.

      End of the note.

      Choose Next.

    5. You can upload documents in the Add Attachments step.

    6. Save your entries in the Confirm step.